African women receive high praise in Twitter ranking

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Friday May 23, 2014


Homestrings Thinking

In their recent top 100 list, Business Insider shone the spotlight on women-power by revealing its candidates for the most influential tech women on Twitter. A platform in which news, updates and comments can be published and shared instantly, it was great to see the merits of this platform and those who use it recognized so publicly.

Proudly joining the final list were two African ladies with plenty of success behind their names. Ory Okolloh entered the list at number 28, while Juliana Rotich featured at number 88.

Here we look at both of these women in more detail and consider the qualities which made Business Insider select them for their list.

Ory Okolloh

Orly-Okolloh2.jpgA clear winner in the eyes of many, Ory has made a positive name for herself through ceaseless involvement with African issues. As well as regularly tweeting about African news, politics and technology, she also shows her human side in her online interactions.

As a Kenyan activist, lawyer and blogger, Ory has won plenty of fans over the years, often commenting on key issues and taking direct steps to increase wider interest in the issues which surround Africa and the developments which the continent is continuing to make in numerous fields.

Occupation: Ory is Director of Investments at Omidyar Network and Cofounder of Ushahidi and Mzalendo.

Publications and other activity: contributes regularly to personal blog Kenyan Pundit which has featured on Global Voices Online. She has also worked as a legal consultant for NGOs at Covington and Burling, the World Bank and the Kenyan National Commission, as well as being a key public speaker.

Notable tweets:

RT @TheCut: The Beyonce and Solange effect: How Instagram became the best crisis PR.

— Ory Okolloh (@kenyanpundit) May 21, 2014

News that should be dominating local headlines – daily Al Shabaab attacks in Northern Kenya this week and disappearance of Embu speaker.

— Ory Okolloh (@kenyanpundit) May 21, 2014

Juliana Rotich


Standing out from the crowd as a leading figure in entrepreneurship, it is hardly surprising that Juliana made it into the top 100. Her continual efforts to encourage the development of technology within Africa is driving growth and encouraging innovation on a global level.

Rated with a tech PI and overall PI of 68, Juliana’s position as a tech expert is indisputable and her inclusion on the Business Insider list only confirms this. She was also voted 47th in a list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by CNN Money.

Occupation: Juliana is Executive Director of Ushahidi Inc. and Chair of World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Data Driven Development.

Publications and other activity: author of articles on and Environmental Editor of Global Voices Online. She is also well known for her public speaking activities as senior TED fellow.

Notable tweets:

Can Technology Increase Empathy? (This is a question that continues to fascinate me)

— Juliana Rotich (@afromusing) May 20, 2014

Re: Security in Kenya – The view of a tourism industry leader

— Juliana Rotich (@afromusing) May 19, 2014

All images and screenshots taken from Twitter

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